Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What do you think of the reality shows?

     I love watching reality shows, I watch my favorites season in and season out, The Housewives of Ny,Ga,NJ, and Orange County! I watch Launch My Line some, I've watched different people supposedly finding love....hummm.....
     I love them, the people still don't seem like everyday people to me, my friends are not socialites, or rockers, or whatever, but we are real thats for sure. I do get a little muffed that the people they choose for housewives already seem to have all the money they need, why not find some real everyday housewives that could really use that extra stream of money, I'm sure we could find a good use for it couldn't you girls? Lol!!
     I would love to ask you though, could we do the things they have them do? What would you do for money, where would your limit be? I would love to have the opportunity to help my family, I could just imagine, life in Eastern,Ky....
I'm sorry but they would probably try to go out of their way to make us seem like backwoods hicks, that don't have a tooth between us, so maybe not such a good idea????????
     "Girl don't you know that sluts cuckling ya? shore enough she is, she done went out with your man, its the truth I swear girl, you needing to knock some sense into that piece of holler trash, shewwwee, we gonna kick some trashy ass tonight Nessa's man done been cheating on her with a two bit, no good fer nothin holler scank!!!!
      Oh ok on second thought lets not do a Housewives of Ky!!
but really give me some of your idea's for a reality show, tell me what you think they should do, or who they should spotlight and what you think would be good fodder for a reality show, or just share with me which one is your favorite, 2nd and 3rd place of your best all over reality show.
     Ok, I know this is a little off course from my usual writting, but was just watching alot of reality shows, (lots of snow outside, cabin fever, that's it, I have a fever,lol.)
      I think its ok to venture off the beaten path, we learn each other, know each others likes, when I read what me fellow readers write, I see bits into your lives, I start to grow close to you as you do a new friend you've just met!
     Hoping you all had a great new year, and hoping nothing but peace and happiness for the upcoming year.
                   Please leave some comments, I luvs me some comments!

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