Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hello everyone,

I have been listening to some amazing pod casts, Mommy Company, Careers from the Kitchen Table, Manic Mommies, and Moms Talk Network, all pod casts that I found at itunes, they are absolutely free, just go to the itunes store, click on pod casts, then you will find a list of all the podcast that they have, from kids and family where I found Manic Mommies which is absolutely the funnest of all the pod casts, the others are under business.

I have been listening to all kinds of advice from other moms, experts, and women out in the workforce talking about ways to get traffic to your website if you are working with affiliate marketing.

I'm ready to take this to another level, I'm checking into doing pod casts myself, I am doing everything I can to help other moms that have to take on so many mantels today, the kids need mommy home with them, then there's the demand on mothers everywhere to earn a income for the family also, and of course the demand on so many single moms to be dad too!

Women are amazing with what we have to take on for the sake of our kids, I believe I can do anything, succeed at anything for the sake of my precious children, I know that you moms out there feel the same, I know that we can do this together, there's no reason for a mom to have to struggle today, we can help each other reach our goals, the company that I work for rewards you for helping others reach new, higher, levels!

But no matter what company you choose to go with, I will do everything in my power to help you succeed, I'm so tired of moms struggling, no money to pay for the things we want for children!

There is power in numbers, if we band together we can and will accomplish all of our dreams!

There's so many people that are out there to hurt us, to run crazy scams on us, if we partner up, then their days of getting us is over! We can turn to each other for advice, help, guidance, and leadership!

I think its time we take a stand, band together, and tell the world " were here, were going to succeed, were smart and powerful, we have taken control of our lives and our children's lives, we can together make all of our dreams come true, we don't have to struggle anymore, I have seen enough men head out on any vacation that they want too, go where they want to , spend what they want to!

I want to see all of us moms take our children where we want to, book any vacation that we've ever dreamed of, buy homes for us and our children, buy what car we want, buy the clothes, the jewelry, what ever our dreams are, I want to see each and everyone of us reach them!

Reaching for the stars has become a impossible feat for those of us who have scrapped and fought for every little thing we get for our children, but not anymore, i want to encourage each and every mother out there that has forgotten how to dream, how to reach for the stars, to learn how to dream again, learn how to reach for the stars again! For our children we can do this, we will do this, just take the chance, what do we really have to lose? Poverty, sadness, depression, not ever having enough, not ever being where we want to be?

I've had all of that , that I can stand, my kids are worth me fighting to the death for a better life for them, I am worth it too!

I am on the road to financial success, health, happiness, and living out my dreams, my kids living theirs, come along with me, partner with me, strength in numbers!! Ladies we can do this, all it takes is determination, the will to survive, and the natural ability that all mothers have to just DO IT!!!

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