Saturday, January 9, 2010

I DID IT! Back to school for a 41 year old mom

I got my 1st lessons in the mail today, I am so friggin excited!!
I am taking a career course in Web Design, the college I'm going to online is Ashworth, they are nationally accredited, and oh so very helpful, there's a 24/7 number you can call for help(student services). They send plenty of lessons you can choose to get the workbooks at home, which is what I did, I have two girls and figured it would better for me to work at my pace, or you can take the courses online then you have a timeline to finish which would be great also if your bad to procrastinate,lol. If you chose workbooks at home you can still turn in your exams online, that way they can get lessons right out to you, so that you don't run out of study material. If your interested in taking college classes for as little as $29 dollars a month let me know, I'll give you a 1 800 number so that you save $50.00 dollars on your tuition! They have career courses and also you can get your associates degree or bachlors degree's too!!!! I will go ahead and give you the number in case you just want to check it out, but if you do decide to enroll dont forget to give them my name and Id number so that you will save $50 bucks, I dont know about you, but thats alot to me!!!
      So as I work towards my goals for this year, I am very excited that I have followed through with one of them, still have plenty to work on, but plan on accomplishing each and everyone!
1. Get a closer relationship with God
2. Get up early everyday
3. Return to school, even if I have to do online classes
4. write down my goals ( which I have never done before)
5. Fit quality time in with the girls with all these new goals that I have set for myself.
6. start an exercise program
7. Lose 50 pounds this year 2010
8. Go over and help my m0m more, she's not feeling good, she's always been there for me when I needed her, and I will be there for her when she needs me.
9. Work on my marriage, and if it looks as though it more harmful to me and the girls to be married, then get a divorce this year, or at least seperation. 2010
10. Pray and study the word of God much, much, more.
11. get a Iphone or a Ipod this year, 2010

Ok so there's some of my goals, the life coaches all say start little, nothing overwhelming, so I did, some stuff on that list just has to be addressed, my husband doesn't like my girl that I had when I met him, the problem is that Tom and I also have a daughter, so if I let him stay it hurts Raina my 6yr.old and if I make him leave it hurts Jada, she's very attached to her daddy, he makes a very big difference, it hurts me so much to see him hurt my Raina, but I also saw what Raina went through when her Dad left, it completely changed her, she was a daddy's girl too, just like Jada is now with Tom.
Something has to give though, he's not going to hurt my
Raina, she feels unloved while watching him dote on Jada and tell her that she's his life!

     I feel much better since starting college classes, I know if anything does happen between us that I will be able to provide for these girls, thats alot of the reason I have let it go so long, I knew I couldn't provide for my sweet angels by myself, so watch out DH, mom's getting some!
change or get out!!!!

      Anyway, I just thought if anyone's keeping up, or making goals themselves, then I am willing to team up  with you and we can encourage each other when it seems to hard, everyone has those days, and everyone that has college degrees and is very successful right now had those days too, but they didn't give up and I am not going to give up either, holler at your girl, I will do everything I can to help you reach your goals too, or if you just need another woman to talk to I'm here or add me to your Yahoo IM if you have it, my id is
ok if you would like to talk to someone about college classes, how to get started, how long you have to wait on books, or how the course is, I will tell you everything I know as I go.
                              checking out my friends, blessings to you all!!!!!! Vanessa

Ashworth College: call toll free1-800-242-6512
if you decide to enroll
give them my name Vanessa Jordan and my ID#
and they will take $50.00 dollars off your tuition!!! ( plus they will send me a $50.00 dollar check, very much needed:)

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