Monday, June 1, 2009

The greatness of moms helping moms!

Friday, April 3, 2009

What would it hurt to help each other up in this world today?

Hi from SafeMom,
I don't really know anything about blogging, but at times there's just some stuff I would like to get out there, hoping in my heart that it does someone, somewhere, some good!
I live in Eastern Ky, most people here live below the poverty line, I think they rate it at about 80% live that way. I don't know about you but to me that's way to much, to be living in such a great country as the United States!!!
I have done so much research into things that a stay at home mom can do to improve the future of her and her children, the burden is more than to just be there for your kids, a lot of moms take on the additional burden of being the sole provider to those children also.
I have found one business that moms can start for a really low start up cost, but here you have these moms in such a hard place looking for someway to get themselves straightened up, but when I try and help and say hey I have found a way that if we help each other, we can change our futures, I've found a really great way for all of us to make money while staying home and taking care of the children, I get a total block from them, as women we have been taken for a ride so many times that now we trust no one!!!
Somewhere along the line we have to trust someone, or were never going to get to where were headed, just let someone in, all I want to do out of my heart is for us to band together as moms and help each other reach the goals that we need in order to gain the success that we long for, not only for ourselves, but more importantly for our children!!
Do your research, its free and everyone has that option, if what I am telling you that we can do to gain freedom from the poverty that daily swallows us whole, then why not? That is my only question, why not? If its something that's going to be good for you, what do we have to lose to just try?