Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I got my soldier today....

     I have been trying to get to this,  but so much running the past two days, unbelievable.
     I have got to tell you, I got my soldier today, I was so very excited, I adopted a soldier to pen pal with at adopt a platoon, you can pen pal with them sending a care package if you want, or you can  actually opt another option to send care packages once a month, letters,and cards weekly. If you would like to adopt a soldier to pen pal with or send care packages to  www.info@adoptaplatoon.com
 I can not say her name or anything personal like that, its up to you to protect your soldiers personal information.
       She is in Afghanistan, she's 35, and she will probably be there until sometime in Dec. so please pray for my soldier, its a honor to be able to write to her, and I have chosen to send her a care package from time to time, I want to pick out really special things, even those these are just like normal, everyday personal needs, I want to get really good ones that will let her know that we think she deserves it and what she's doing is really brave and awesome, so we are going to have a great time picking her stuff out. Raina is 7 turning 8 the 7th of this month, she will really get into that at this age.
      I order from this awesome company, Melaleuca a wellness company that has been making green,safe,eco-friendly, and really a great price for green, and safe, non toxic products. I want to send some of these to her, to show her I only want what's good and safe for her to use, like you can send them bug killer, bug strips, insect repellent for her, and this kind that I make out of their products that is safe and awesome, but I will send her one with Deet also just in case mine is not strong enough for there, I hear the bugs really aggravate the soldiers, badly!
We also have this killer lotion, my hands would break and bleed, this lotion actually stopped that, they have never broke or bleed again, I love it, that way if she has any extra skin problems, this will really kick in and give her relief, and I would think a little relief over there, really means a lot:)
      I started her letter already, I got her address today, but I have had to stop a couple of times, I have never written to anyone in that situation, my sister is in the army, she's a drill sgt. but she didn't have to go over seas, she trains the troops and prepares them to go oversea's.
      I just want to make sure that I am encouraging, and that I don't make her more homesick than she is. I just have to kinda think about what I am going to say, then I go back and write that down, until I kinda get stumped again.
     But anyway, I want to encourage everybody that reads this to adopt a soldier, be a pen pal, how hard can it be to write a letter, send a card, and when I can, I am going to send her care packages, you don't have to do that if you chose to just pen pal to someone, they only require you to write, send cards at least once a week.
If you want to do more, you can chose the option to send a care package to them once a month, I think you can adopt up to four soldiers!! I love it, I am going to start with her, then after I get use to everything and get a regular schedule with sending out her letters and stuff, I am going to adopt one more.
 I will keep you updated about her, I cannot tell personal information, and that will be your responsibity to keep their privacy, you have to be very careful and make sure you never tell their names or ages, ranks or anything personal.
 I can tell you how her morale is, how she's doing, and its going to be neat to see how our personality's mesh as we start to write, but your soldiers can't write back to you sometimes, so unless your getting your letters returned, your mail is getting there. So continue to write them, they may not be able to write, depending on where they are over there.
      You know what I wish, that all my internet friends, could set back with me and a glass of wine, and just brain storm different things I can write to her about, or a group of us adopt a soldier, and we could all brainstorm what we are going to send them, or write to them about, it would be great:)
      Please if you have any idea's about what I can send her that would be super neat, or tell me if you've seen a good movie, or read a good book, I can send her things like that. It would be awesome to have some fresh idea's things I wouldn't think of myself.
      I will be letting you know how this goes, I will post regular on my soldier, and give out the link every time, so maybe anther soldier can be adopted:)
                                Let me know what you think, your idea's, or if you adopted a soldier. Till next time.......


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