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Your new national health care begins on the 5th of July.
What is it and how can you get it?
We will provide you with all medical, dental, and nursing care.
Everyone rich, poor, man, woman, or child can use it or any part of it.
There are NO CHARGES except for a few special items.
But this is not a charity, you are paying for it mainly as a tax payer.
It will relieve your many worries in times of illness.

That was a statement that was not issued in the United States, it was issued in England in 1948, and is still in effect today.
Canada, England, France, and Cuba all have free health care for their people. We are a people that are suppose to be living in a progressive, rich, plentiful country, but we go without insurance, and for those of you that are blessed enough to have insurance. Well lets just say you have a whole team of people working on any insurance claim you put in, to get you turned down, their main job is to find one flaw in your application, or in your past history, and they are very good at this, seeing as its the way they earn their paycheck. The more people they get knocked out of benefits the more money they make, and the higher up in the company they will climb.
Micheal Moore interviewed a lady in France, she said the reason we have free medical because here the government is afraid of the people, the people here tell the government what to do, when it comes to our way of life and what we believe in, we are not afraid to protest, march in the street, she went on to say, but in America the people are afraid of the government, they are afraid to make waves, to step out for fear of what the government will do to them in response to their actions, like if we speak up over health care and demand the government provide us with free medical, and dental, we don't know what they will do to us, we have that fear that if we make waves on these multi-trillion dollar company's, like insurance co's, or take on hospital's.
Lets be totally honest, this is America, if you make big enough waves about something that threatens someone's millions from coming in, we can be killed, a strange little accident, or this is a good one they use, they committed suicide!!! Hum, even though they had never expressed anything of the like to their family or close friends???

You say that's going to far! You think if someone will kill you on the street for a twenty dollar bill for drugs, that a multi billionaire wouldn't kill you over messing with his billions?
Maybe I have just grown hard, after seeing nurses and doctors lie about your infants condition, just to put her in the NICU and charge your medical card thousands, then claim they don't get paid after two weeks and you find out they most certainly got ever dime. I always thought I could trust doctor's and nurses, now I am most certainly not saying that all nurse's and doctor's lie to do procedures that can be charged to medical cards and insurances. I do fully believe that some doctor's and nurse's are pressured to the point to make the hospital money at all cost, or it will cost their jobs, they are thinking about their children, and how they are going to care for their families that pushes them to do what the big wigs in the higher ups wants them to do.

I'm sick of this treatment, I don't have any medical insurance, my husband had a heart attack, while he was working and I was also, we both had always worked, and of course still struggled pay day to pay day, most of the jobs I had didn't have insurance, or what they offered was so incredibly high, that there was no way I could have gotten it, or I wouldn't have had any money left for my family.
People in Canada walk in any hospital they choose, sees any doctor they want to, they get seen in the busiest of hospitals within an hour, most of them right away or within 20 minutes. They get great treatment, and walk out not owing a dime, and not having to have paid anything down, not one red dime of their money was spent. Plus they even reimburse them the cost of travel to get to the hospital, so not only do they not have to pay a thing the hospital actually gives them money.
Damn, we can't even imagine what that's like. When a woman has a baby in France, the government has provided a person for each family that goes out and gives the mom a break twice a week for four hours each visit, so mom can go and get some things done, or just get a break because like one woman there said, its hard to have a newborn, the mom needs help. This person that the government sends in takes care of the baby, and also washes clothes, does things around the house. I just have to at this point say, UNBELIEVABLE, UNFRIGGING BELIEVABLE!!!!!!
This is the United States of America, where we claim that we don't want anyone doing without health insurance, but yet hundreds of thousands do without insurance, and the rest that have insurance, does the dance with the multi- billion dollar insurance company, getting turned down sometimes for tests that they need, and without them and the treatment that would occur due to that test, may very well result in death, and does many times over, in the movie, SICKO, by Micheal Moore he had more than one case of people that were dying due to getting turned down for medical procedures, he had people he filmed that are now dead due to getting turned down for medical help.

One of the saddest cases he showed, was a 21 year old woman, that her insurance company found a reason to turn her down for medical treatment after she was diagnosed with cancer, now because of lack of treatment, the cancer has spread over her entire body, PEOPLE WE HAVE TO BRING A STOP TO THIS REIGN OF TERROR!!!!!!
I am so upset over this, why when we have the money that we have in this country do we set back and let the government and the big insurance company's determine how we have to live, whether we get treatment or not, its not their decision, its OURS!!!!!!
This is our country, we are the people, the working man is the back bone to all the money in this country. If you have ten percent of millionaires and the rest are working people, then we have the biggest say, we are the majority, but the majority is the one that is getting totally screwed!!!
If we keep setting back, and letting them get by with this, what are we leaving for our kids, what are we teaching them, to sit back and take what ever they want to throw at us, to be total wimps, until we get at the point were at now, to fear the government and never raise our voices, or protest against something wrong?? If this is the situation we are in today, then what situation will our children be in, in twenty years from now. I refuse to believe everything our government tells us, I refuse to sit by and let the big money making company's determine our laws, laws that directly let those company's continue to do wrong and make even more money in return for our life blood.
If you love your children, then start something, do something, say something, if we come together, and raise our voices, we will be heard, we are strong in number, we outnumber the rich, we way outnumber the insurance company's, we need to be deciding what is best for us, then fighting for that right!


      I personally am so tired of it, I don't care anymore, I don't care what threats I may receive, I don't understand why that we can't see the simple point that Micheal Moore puts out there, he is just trying to show what the government has done to us, through us sitting back and not doing a damn thing when they change laws that hurt us, when they partner up with the big company's that pad their pockets to get bills passed that allows those company's to charge us more, and give us less service, I use to fight over our government, defend them, but now, I see how horribly they have treated us, when Cuba gets better medical care than we do, they are a poor country and they can afford to give everyone there free medical treatment. Then you have us, we are a land of plenty, yet there are so many that don't have any coverage, and the ones that do, are just throwing their money out the window, because the insurance company is out there with people doing nothing but finding a reason to turn you down for the coverage you have paid for!!
Do you really want to keep taking this, do you really want to leave this world with our country in this shape, they say the children are the future, but we are not leaving our children any future!!!!!!

              Let me know what you think about this subject, let me know what you think we should do? How do you get started on something this big? One man changed things for England, now they get free medical, dental and nursing needs.
     We have people like Heather Sphor that because she had complications in her 1st pregnancy, and her little angel Maddie was born premature, her and Maddie had to get Cobra insurance, where they charge her outrageous amounts to keep herself covered,  she lost her baby when she was only 17 months old, the most devastating thing a parent can go through, while her husband was on bereavement leave his job was done away with, sweet that was so thoughtful of that company getting rid of his job while he was mourning the loss of his child. I just don't understand how people like that can look at themselves in the mirror, and now his wife and probably their new baby, I'm not for sure about Annie, but I do know that Heather and Maddie had to get insurance from Cobra, I would have to go back and read how much she pays, I can't remember the exact amount, but it was way up there, in the thousand area per month, but I will check it out again for the exact amount.
all the same, she shouldn't have to pay that outrageous amount just to have insurance, and while pregnant with the second child her doctors tried their best to be very cautious and give her ultra sounds, and tests to prevent her from having the second child premature, but of course her doctor had to battle the insurance, they were always wanting to deny coverage for extra ultra sounds that she really needed, she was high risk for a premature baby! She should have never had to worry about a insurance company determining if she needed a ultra sound or not, that should have been completely the doctor's decision. Instead someone in a office that had no degree as doctors, made the decisions of her extra ultra sounds, this is completely unbelievable people. 
     Congratulations on the birth of beautiful Annie, I as a caring American am so sorry for everything you and Mike have suffered through, its not fair Heather, its not fair, we should have totally free health care in a country as rich as this one, we should pay the doctors according to the way the are paid in England, if they get someone to quite smoking, they make more money, if they get someone to have their cholesterol checked, or talk a person that is in need, a physic evaluation they get paid more, now that is preventive medicine, how many doctors would preach preventive medications, if we paid them more for it, instead of pressuring them to run tests that are not needed, so they can bill the insurance company's more, and then the insurance company is going to find a reason in your past to not pay for those tests, so its ultimately you that ends up owing for it.
      We have the highest rate of infant mortality in the world, a baby born in Cuba has a better chance of living than one born in Detroit!!! That's just the most messed up thing I have ever heard of in my life, why we are not pounding down the doors of every government official there is, I just don't understand, we should not stop until this is changed, we are so afraid of being socialized, but its working in other country's , its working, they are not standing in lines, they are not waiting months for surgery's to be preformed, like we have been told, they actually get in and out faster than we can even think about here. We sit for hours in an emergency room waiting to be seen, and they get in and out in under a hour, its not so bad after all, but its what our government would have us believe, its the picture that they have given us that keeps up from setting ourselves free from these burdens that are taking the lives of our loved ones daily!!!!

            Please leave a comment on this subject, let me know how you feel about this, its completely unbelievable to me, I am ready to start the fight, I need help, we have to come together as one nation, together we stand divided we fall!!!

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