Friday, February 26, 2010

The best days to buy certain items

     I promised to pass on anything I learn that will help us all to save more money, which can help us all to be able to give to the needy, if we are saving then we can bless others that are having a hard time, there's just no better feeling than helping someone you know is struggling and probably praying every night for God to send them food for dinner. Lets be the answer to someone's prayer:)
                            The best days to buy certain items
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1.) Airplane tickets-Wednesday mornings- the fares reach their lowest prices late tuesday or early wednesday.
2.)Books- Thursdays-  That's when the big chains release their coupons and sales.
3.)Cars-Mondays-Dealers live for the weekend which is when they make most of their sales, the sales floors are usually empty thru the week.
4.)Clothing-Saturdays-They are usually getting a jump on Sunday sales, so they start Saturday right before closing.
5.)Dinner Out-Tuesdays-Sundays are the garbage days, big restaurants don't usually get a delivery on the weekends, so they are more than likely cleaning out the fridge . Tuesdays they are starting fresh.
6.)Entertainment-Wednesdays-Movie theaters, amusement parks, and museums are trying to get people in mid-week, 6 Flags offers a $12.00 dollar savings to AAA members on Wednesdays, that's triple the usual discount of $4.00.\
7.)Gas-Thursdays before 10 a.m.-Weekend demands are high, prices usually swing upward on thrusdays as travelers fuel up to head out the following day. By hitting the pumps Thursdays before 10 am you will beat the rush.
8.)Groceries-Sundays or Tuesdays-Store sales run Wednesday- Tuesdays with the latest round of Sunday coupons from Sunday paper you are more likely to save more.
9.) Hotel Rooms-Sundays-There are two different kinds of managers, the ones that won't give you a discount are off on Sundays, so call then and ask to speak to a manager, your more likely to get a discount, he would rather have booked rooms than worrying about giving a discount, during the week a revenue manager works, they are focused on profits so you are not going to get a discount out of them.

     Now I told you all about watching the coupon queen on Joyce Myers, she was great, I learned a lot just from that show. I found an article today that teaches about grocery store cycles, the coupon queen and the super saver teach people about the best months to shop in, their sales run in cycles, so here's what  I found out, read on to find out the best months to shop for certain items, you can get them at rock bottom prices, sometimes as much as 60% off!!!

Late Jan. early Feb. right before the super bowl
look for sales on chips,dips, and soda's.

Memorial Day- and the 4 of July- look for party foods, meats to grill, and condiments. They will be rock bottom prices.

Easter- look for sales on ham.

November and December- look for holiday staples like turkeys, sweet potatoes, cool whip, and cream cheese.

November- is also a good month to find sales on coffee and tea.

March- Frozen foods, its National Frozen Foods Month.

April (around Earth Day) and in September ( National Organic foods month.)buy  your organic foods then.

June- Ice cream, dairy products, milk, and cheese.

     There you have it, I will pass more along as I find it!!! Hope you enjoyed this information, before you know it, I will be the savings queen, lol.
If you did get something out of this please leave me some comments telling me so, I just love knowing that I found something that helped someone:)

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