Thursday, February 25, 2010

Learning a little each and every day:)

     Hello all,
     I just got done listening to Joyce Myers, she had the coupon Queen on, and it was a very interesting story, this lady Sarah Roe had a baby that had lethal allergies to food, over 100 of them, so his food alone was costing them 6-800.00 monthly for a eleven month old.... crazy I know, I don't know what I would do in that situation???
She kept standing on the word of God and believing for an answer, her and her husband even went 3 weeks without eating themselves just to feed their baby, we can all understand that can't we!!! She never lost her faith, and she just kept feeling like Jesus was dropping in her spirit "coupons" over and over "coupons" so she went out and bought a book memorized it, headed out to the store with twenty dollars to her name, and came back with 150.00 dollars worth of groceries!!! That is just amazing to me, and hence she had became the coupon queen. The one thing that really struck me was she said to not go overboard, don't build a whole other room just for groceries, you have to limit yourself or you will get into trouble even saving money. Actually what she said was you had to have balance. I love that she said if you have ten sauces of spaghetti sauce on your shelve instead of buying more, make some spaghetti , wow brains storm!!!! We should all know that but sometimes we still have to be told, because what??? Us women just love to shop darn it,lol.
She also said to give back, if you have ten sauces then go through your pantry and make a grocery bag for a family you know is in need in these economic times.
     So I have bookmarked her site, have plans of ordering her book, and learning all I can, watch what you ask for you just might get it!! Remember when I said I wanted to know how on a struggling income could I help others, well let me tell ya, if I can go out and get 150.00 dollars worth of groceries for 19.00 dollars, then that is going to go a long way in helping me give to others while learning to be a good steward of my money. 
     I firmly believe that God is not going to pour out blessings on us until we learn how to handle those blessing, until we learn how to give those blessings away, like Joyce Myers says, you don't need to be a holding station for money, a hoarder of money for ourselves, we need to bless others, just be a vessel to pass those amazing blessings that God sends onto others:)
     I want to give you a link to her site, its very informative, has some great coupon links, you can really learn a lot from this lady, she's passing on the knowledge that God blessed her with, so as we grow our knowledge we need to do the same and pass it along.
     I will keep you posted on all the things  I learn from her as soon as I can get my hands on her book:)

      You can find the coupon Queen here:
Sarah Roe:

I hope that comes out click-able, but if it doesn't just paste it into your browser, or  I am sure that will work also, give her a try, stop by and register for some awesome giveaways, and read about saving money:)
                 Until next time my dear friends don't forget I am a comment lover, so please if you find any of this useful send me a comment!!!! hugs!!!  

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